Step by step to an working Joomla extension

In this book you will learn the basics of Joomla 4. You will create a component, a plugin, a module and a template. At the end you put everything in one package. You don't use any complicated tools. The book contains cross links to background information and exercises at the end of each chapter. After reading the book, you will know the basics to create your own extension for Joomla 4. And, which is important these days, the text is kept up to date by me.

With this book, I offer you a basis before you dive into the many possibilities offered by the Joomla community. My explanations contain few specifics, but a lot of information about Joomla itself. I explain general concepts, patterns and best practices using common extensions.

Essentially, you'll learn to create your own Joomla extensions from scratch, with features like custom fields, multilingual associations, pagination, client-side and server-side validation, and advanced user interactions like filtering and sorting.

See: Set

I am currently updating the files for Joomla 4.3. Download links to the latest version for Joomla 4.2 are available on the site

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